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History of the Book of Obadiah

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Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament. It has only 21 verses, but it carries one of the most powerful messages of judgment on Edom with no words of encouragement or ways for possible deliverance. God will bring total destruction upon Edom and restore Israel. The Prophet Obadiah wrote this in approximately 840 B.C. Not much is known about him. It is possible that he lived in the southern kingdom of Judah but nothing is known of his hometown or family. There are 13 Obadiahs in the Old Testament of the Bible and some scholars have attempted to identify the author of this book with one of the other twelve but cannot come up with concrete evidence to prove any of them. The Edomites who were descendants of Esau and the Israelites who were descendants of Jacob are the main focus of the condemnation brought out in this book.
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